• The whipstock system can be used for sidetracking in cased or open hole and multilateral applications.
  • The system can be run with mechanical (bottom trip) and hydraulic set anchors or packers, any other latch system down hole. Cementing whipstocks are also available.
  • The system may be oriented utilizing Gyro or MWD in conjunction with a Circulation Valve or Mosquito Whip-set Survey tool with step telemetry.
  • Further options combine hydraulic set Bridge Plug and Mechanical Set anchor systems with single trip Whipstock for unique time / trip saving applications.
  • Subject to the whipstock configuration a low or high radius of curvature (DLS) can be provided.
  • The whipstock system is retrievable using a hook or die collar system, subject to anchor or packer configuration.
  • The whipstock system has a full gauge milling assembly.
  • The whipstock system is provided with a unique and optimized deflection and support system for the milling assembly that is sacrificial and which is milled off leaving undamaged whipstock face for subsequent operations (excludes cementing whipstocks).
  • The milling assembly is provided with an engineered custom cutting structure, which leaves little or no junk or debris from the cut out or milling operation in the hole.
  • Whipstock system may be supplied without Anchor or Packer to suit customer requirements.

Mechanical and hydraulic set one trip whipstock system with retrievable anchors and packers, and open hole cementing or formation and packer type anchors, with optional face angles, to suit customer application. Mechanical set systems can be tripped and set using a false bottom such as cement or bridge plug. Whipstocks may be oriented and surveys made using MWD or UBHO subs with Gyro in particular if hole inclination is less than 3?.

McGarian TDC Limited is working on a no flow based survey tool for whipstock orientation which will eliminate the need to incorporate flow based circulating subs in the assembly, especially when using MWD tools for orientation. This survey tool will incorporate the through bore, which will enable the orientation of cementing whipstocks and cementing through the survey tool once orientation is complete.

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