Oil Services in Aberdeenshire

Oil Platform

McGarian TDC Limited (MTDC) was formed in June 2005 to provide consultancy, design and development services to service companies in the support sector of the Oil and Gas industry, as well as to develop its own intellectual property and products.

To date the Company has as part of its portfolio granted patents and patent applications filed for Whipstock product lines and survey tools and is working on other innovative technology to support its business. This technology has applications in casing milling, packer milling, abandonments, rigless abandonments, fishing, remedial and drilling operations.

Furthermore, the founder of MTDC is working with two partners on the development of an innovative Survey and MWD System through Intelligent Well Controls Limited (IWC) founded in August 2009, including specialised mud pulse telemetry systems (patents applied for) with contracts in place for development and supply of equipment.